Tuesday, February 6, 2007

WISP Setup Recomendations

Do your research first. Buy complete kits. Buying one piece at a wholesale steal via the net or Ebay is one way, but when you buy a complete kit you have the formula for success.

buy a bandwidth controller for your Wireless ISP or upgrade to MeshAP Pro on your nodes to get better bandwidth management, QOS and real-time access to data information and more. Without one your sitting with limited access and control of your network.

use remote syslog to port system data, errors, and more. System logs need to be collected on a remote server, allowing your access points to operate better since the system wont have log file issues, where you have to reboot, in which you just dumped your log files.

Syslog can run on any OS even an older Windows PC. We recommend VNC for remote access. a 700 mhZ PC with 256 megs ram and 10 gig HD ,running Win2K server.

Using DLS, cable and multiple carriers is what mesh is really about. The strnght of many outway the alternative spoke and wheel type wireless networks.

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