Thursday, January 18, 2007

How to deploy your own voicemail server!

First download Trixbox from and you get your PBX up and running by either downloading the newest version off the net, or by upgrading, you can get simular results. I prefer the upgrade onsly since I already have several PBX's up, running and routing calls.

From within shell type trixbox-upgrade update
trixbox update -update is also the easist way to upgrade from version1.2.3 to 2.0.
and newer.

It should download a script and then just rerun the above command the box
should fly and brag all the upgrades.

Before you reboot, go into web sinterface with same username and password
and reactivate the modules you have previously. I ran upgrade all., twice.
The rebooted and reprogrammmed my menu to the meet the preprogramed
Intelegent Video Redirector (IVR) to grab as directed one item for 1 another for
2 and so on. I add i and t for lost or illegal digits.

Once your setup then you go into your trunk and add your ZAPtel device (
I added three seperate trunks) 1,2 ,3 . I setup trunk one to be used
for inbound calls. Hit my red reload config, and your in business with
voicemail service.

once done hook line into modem. Modem should pickup and menu should be
chosen for announcement. This will play the VI already choosen if you followed
the instructions.

I setup our Zaptel trunck first then routed calls in to the AVI.

Zaptel Compatble PCI modem(s) Intel
1.5 ghz CPU: AMD
256 megs ram:
HD: 60 gig seagate
CDROM : 52x
ethernet 10/100 onboard

Thanks for the great bunch that helped concieve build and support the project.

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