Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sipura 1000 and TrixBox PBX Setup.

Download recent distro. We use TrixBox for our primary distros. OS is Centos ,with AMP, Asterisk and Free PBX just to name a few . Best PBX port on the globe if you ask me. Once you have your creation stared dowloading gather tohether a few parts. 1 GHZ CPU with 256 megs ram. the bigger the HD the better. SCSI is even better. We grabbed a 1U system from a local shop and tossed on 1.23 and then upgraded to 2.0. We chose for speed and quality ultra fast and wide SCSI drives.

Once we were able to setup and routing calls, we then wanted to hook up phones and phone systems into our new beast. Heard Sipura was cheap but decent. Bought a couple off Ebay, and gave one to Andre to take snapshots once he setup his PBX connection on our wireless network.

All together he travels about 3-4 miles via wireless signal, then gets sent down to him to his home outside of town in a new suburb just west on 290 east of Elgin Texas. Thanks again Andre' , for the details and testing.

We then took the system for spin and used IAX softphone packages and tested AIX. We then created another PBX and gave it an outside local line,( going to offer free voicemail) and played with SIP.

Seems the world of programers seemed to have left out a few critical things, in developing your PBX. Our was the confusion primarily on the numbering sequences. So many different examples showed different results.

We had to first layour the network and check our the adapter. We tested the adapter inhouse and used a handy 900 mhz phone for calls. Simple and very easy to use once you get passed the configuration. Talk about 10,000 fields.

We picked a refurbished unit from our a co-developer, and started playing with all the simple things an ATA adapter can do. I now carry over 30 new phone systems, adapters, USB phone and gateway adapters. All have different features. The most simple to me was the first
the sipura 1000.

Once I had my sipura knowledge in hand, I then setup my VOIP phone system. I created
both, SIP and IAX setups. Only one protocol per extension. I then created Andre a SIP
account on a remote PBX. The PBX has a real world IP. Andre has a firewall at his house, that runs some ported linux version and then he plugs in the SIpura 1000, and configures away.

After spending who knows how many hours, he calls me (my headset is toast) and complains about my headset sounding like crap. Will do after we unfreeze. Called from my laptop and guess what. He was on the phone.

Guess he got it to work !

I call back later and get right through. He sends over the snapshots of the sipura setup and I do the cut and past web work and upload.

Visit our VOIP setup web site and see the results. I made a few notes for those using other SIP devices and AIX as well. Will do a couple of SIP-PBX configurations videos soon. Please visit our web site and download our toolbar to keep up to date on the network.

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