Tuesday, January 9, 2007

VOIP Soft Phones and notes

BOL SIP Phone - www.bol2000.com
Pros - Free - Easy to use
Cons - SIP only

NSIS iaxComm
Not tested -

My Phone -
Works Great for free Video Phone!

SJphone - http://www.sjlabs.com/sjp.html
Fantastic free SIP phone that works well
with any asterisk server.

SIPPhone - http://www.sipphone.com
Pro - Internation SIP Carrier
Free Gizmo Phone Project - http://www.sipphone.com/softphone/

Pro - Free
Cons- Not SIP or IAX compliant.

Zioper Beta
Pros -Interface worked but little working funtionality at this point.
Cons- Software not completed yet - Disappointing.

YakaSoftPhone - http://yakasoftware.com
Pros - Support IAX (works thru most simple firewalls)
C0ns - Lacks design aka looked like an egg, and needs more insructions and examples.
Overall the software showed good potential.

IdeFisk - http://www.asteriskguru.com/idefisk/
Pros - Support IAX (works thru most simple firewalls)
Cons -

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